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  1. Darlene P. Young says:

    I thank God for the life of Dr. Blaine Hudson. Dr. Hudson was very instrumental in the development and growth African American students from Louisville, Kentucky. Without help from Dr. Hudson, Mrs. June Huggins, Mr. Ed Lassiter and Mrs. Kathleen McDaniels Smith, I never would have made it! Love and blessings to his family and friends.

    Darlene Posey Young
    A&S Class of 1980

  2. Nere Onosode says:

    Dr. J. Blaine Hudson was a true educator and inspiration to every life he touched. His impact on the college of Arts and Sciences will be long lasting. May the good Lord bless the family he left behind.

    Dr. Nere Onosode
    A&S class of 03

  3. Camisha Boyd A&S class of '12 says:

    Dr. Hudson will be remembered as as the consummate administrator, scholar, teacher, and activist. The number of people he impacted with his intelligence, compassion, courage, and commitment is literally countless.

  4. Aneesah Nu'Man says:

    Dr. Hudson was a scholar of scholars. He lectured honestly about race, individualism, society, and America. He made the clear, straightforward American story seem nuanced, complicated, and even sardonically humorous. He was a gifted storyteller, teacher, and intellectual.

  5. Tracy,UPS says:

    I didn’t know Dr. Hudson directly, but I do witness his work-ethics have passed down to his awesome daughter, Maya Hudson-Kelly. The fruit does not fall far from the tree and the family tree of life is only as strong as it’s roots. The Hudson family tree is strong and well rooted. May the Lord bless this family during this time!

  6. Linda Thomas says:

    What a gifted educator and community servant. Dr. Hudson wil be missed by this community and especially those who followed his lead in service and sharing of his vast, vast knowledge of Pan-African studies and the history of Louisville.

    Blessings to his family from my family

  7. Lamar Braggs says:

    Dr. Hudson was a great leader and icon on Campus. He impacted many of our lives on campus. Knowing his civil rights background and knowledge of African American History, made many of us feel proud that he was at the helm in many areas. We have lost a great scholar and leader and hopefully we can step up and continue the race. I am proud to have been associated with such a great man. I personally believe that UofL is a better place for faculty, student and staff of all backgrounds because of his contributions. R.I.P. Dr. Hudson.

  8. Lisa Lindsey says:

    I got to know Dr. Hudson through the Civil War symposiums at UofL. I know that he enjoyed sharing his knowledge of all things. His knowledge and guiding force will be sorely missed.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Blaine will be so missed. I do not know of anyone that possessed his wide breath of knowledge, understanding, ability and access. His abilities were so rare and so needed. Blaine clearly understood, “Those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history.” Carter G. Woodson. Thank you Blaine for never letting us forget.


  10. Anonymous says:

    My prayer and thoughts remain with the Hudson family.

  11. U of L Student athlete says:

    Dr. Hudson was very instrumental in the the “full” development of several U of L student atheletes, he always set the achievement bar high and expected nothing but the best! Your physicial presence will be missed but your spirit and music of your words lives on..RIP

  12. Ryan Jordan says:

    I did not know Dr.Hudson, but as an alum he’s family. I do remember seeing a banner in middle of campus hanging with his face, thanks for making UofL what it is today

  13. Lascelles A. "Tony" Watson says:

    Knowing Dr. Blane Hudson was having the “Living Encyclopedia.” Arriving in Louisville from New York City in 1976, he educated me on the history of Louisville and the civil rights movement in the south. As Chair of The Kentucky Alliance, Blane not only kept me posted on the history but was always available to give sound advise. In our conversations, we often talked about the slave trade in the West Indies, the Caribbean and Africa. It always puzzled me that Blane new a lot about my history which I had to study fpr years as well as his American history. We have lost the “Great One” a piece of history is gone but, who will replace him. Tony Watson, Florida

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